York based Ceramic Artists, Sue Wilson and Russell Brocklehurst are a new and exciting collaboration in the world of contemporary pottery.

Involved in the creative industry for over 30 years, we have found our passion lies in creating beautiful handmade ceramics for the home.

Every piece is made in the York studio by Sue herself, primarily with stoneware clay and either thrown on the wheel or created using a variety of traditional hand building techniques.

Together we love to experiment with different materials to find the best combinations for each type of pot and decorate using a selection of slips, underglazes and glazes depending on our feeling for the individual piece.

Our thought processes are very different and generally no two pieces are alike. Our global travel and inspirations combine to leave our marks in a totally unique way, distinguishing them from any mass produced products.

Sue has an extensive background in Printmaking, Art Direction and Photography, whilst Russell comes from the field of Design and illustration.


York pottery studio
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